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$2,000 Monthly Income, Disability Benefit: Deborah Ogarro Kelly’s Fight for Stability in Washington DC’s CashRx Program


Deborah Ogarro Kelly, a primary caregiver to her blind husband surviving on a fixed monthly income supplemented by a disability benefit.

Deborah Ogarro Kelly’s Fight for Stability in Washington DC’s CashRx Program

Deborah Ogarro Kelly, 47 is the main caregiver for her blind and ailing husband, leaving her unable to work. They survive on a fixed monthly income of under $2,000, supplemented by her husband’s disability benefit. Medical bills are a constant worry despite participation in a guaranteed basic income program in Washington DC, according to the report of Business Insider.

The program, like over 100 others across the US, offers some financial relief, but Kelly still feels unstable. She chose to receive $1,400 a month to help cover their medical costs. CashRx, the pilot initiative she’s part of is run by Bread for The City and funded by grants and the Community Foundation’s Health Equity Fund.

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(photo: Business Insider)

Navigating Financial Hardships with Determination and Resilience in Washington DC’s CashRx Program

Despite the support, Kelly’s concerns about mounting expenses persist. She worries about rent, groceries, prescriptions, and the uncertainty of their living situation. While basic income helps and it’s not a complete solution to their financial challenges.

Kelly’s determination to navigate their financial hardships is unwavering. Though basic income provides some comfort, it’s a reminder of the ongoing struggle to make ends meet. Yet, in the face of uncertainty, Kelly remains resilient holding onto hope for a more stable future.

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