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Nebraska Faces 37% Spike in Food Insecurity Amid Potential $30 Billion SNAP Cuts in 2024 Farm Bill

(photo: Urban Institute)

Food insecurity is rising in Nebraska, potentially worsening by 37% due to proposed $30 billion cuts to SNAP in the House’s 2024 Farm Bill.

Food Insecurity Rising in Nebraska Amid Potential SNAP Cuts

Food insecurity is increasing in Nebraska and across the U.S., according to Feeding America. Despite this, the U.S. House Agriculture Committee’s 2024 Farm Bill proposes significant cuts to the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP), according to the report of Public News Service.

The House plan would eliminate a 2018 requirement for the USDA to reassess the cost of a frugal, healthy meal every five years, which helps determine SNAP benefit levels.

Eric Savaiano from Nebraska Appleseed warns that without these updates, SNAP benefits won’t reflect current food costs and shopping habits, leading to reduced benefits for recipients.

Previously, the USDA hadn’t updated the Thrifty Food Plan’s meal costs since 1975, and SNAP benefits only rose with inflation. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the House plan could cut SNAP by $30 billion over the next decade, with Nebraska potentially losing $110 million in benefits from 2027 to 2033.

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(photo: Urban Institute)

Potential SNAP Cuts Could Spike Nebraska Food Insecurity by 37%, Impacting Children and Minorities

Savaiano stresses that the cuts would worsen over time, with food insecurity up 37% in Nebraska, particularly affecting children and minority families. He notes that summer programs like Summer EBT will help families with groceries this year.

He also mentions that the Senate’s version of the 2024 Farm Bill does not include SNAP cuts, so there’s hope the House’s proposed reductions might not be finalized.

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