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$40.6 Million Settlement: Washington State Residents to Receive $50-$120 in Price-Fixing Scheme Refunds

Chicken and Tuna Companies Settle for $40.6 Million in Price-Fixing Lawsuits

Lawsuits Alleging Price-Fixing Result in $40.6 Million Settlement with Chicken and Tuna Manufacturers

According to the published article in the US Sun News, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson‘s office got a $40.6 million settlement in lawsuits against chicken and tuna companies. They said these companies worked together to raise and fix the prices of chicken and canned tuna. The lawsuits claimed this broke laws meant to keep competition fair.

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$40.6 Million Settlement: Washington State Residents to Receive $50-$120 in Price-Fixing Scheme Refunds (PHOTO: Top Class Actions)

Washington Residents Receive $40.6 Million Settlement Payout from Chicken and Tuna Price-Fixing Lawsuits –  Says Attorney General

The settlement included $10.5 million from Tyson and $35.5 million from 15 other chicken producers. Also, $4.1 million came from a settlement with Chicken of the Sea. In December, Ferguson’s office gave out $40.6 million to 1.2 million Washington residents. Single-person homes got $50, and multi-person homes got $120. People who think they should get money but didn’t can still apply.

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