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20/Hour Minimum Wage: $30 Medicaid Reimbursement Rates: Nevada Proposes Major Overhaul to Support Home Care Workers – Address Workforce Shortages!

Nevada lawmakers want to raise the minimum wage and how much home care workers get paid to help people at home. They hope this will help with not having enough workers and make sure people who need care get good help.

Legislators in Nevada are Proposing Wage Increases and Other Measures to Address Shortages in Home Care Workers

According to a published article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada lawmakers want to help home care workers with some big changes. They’re thinking of increasing the minimum wage for these workers to $20 an hour. The goal is to get more people to work in this field and keep them there.

These changes are planned for the next legislative session in 2025. They want to raise the Medicaid reimbursement rate to $30 and let workers spend more time with clients. The idea is to make the job better and attract more people to it.

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(PHOTO: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Nevada Legislators Propose Measures to Address Shortages in Home Care Workers

Furthermore, home care workers help people who can’t leave their homes with things like bathing and cleaning. Nevada needs more of these workers, so they want to make the job more attractive. The changes would help workers and the people they care for.

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