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Living in Denver, CO: A Thriving City with Diverse Culture, Fitness Focus, and Hidden Dangers

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Denver, CO, is a progressive fitness-oriented city with diverse residents abundant parks and a thriving arts scene, and rising living in Denver costs offering excellent outdoor activities and good public transportation despite some traffic congestion.

Living in Denver, CO

Denver, founded in the mid-1800s during the gold rush has evolved from a Wild West town into a progressive fitness-oriented city. Known as the Mile High City for its 5,280-foot elevation, Denver offers easy access to outdoor activities especially skiing and snowboarding and  thanks to its location at the base of the Rocky Mountains, according to the report of US News.

Recreational Activities in Denver, CO

Denver isn’t a mountain town but offers great recreation spots within a short drive like Red Rocks Park. The city has over 5,000 acres of parks and trails with neighborhoods often centered around green spaces like Washington Park. The local arts and music scene is vibrant and Denver is a craft beer hub, home to around 150 breweries and the Great American Beer Festival.

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Cost of Living in Denver, CO

The population boom in Denver has driven up living costs especially housing with the median home price at $565,720. Despite high costs and the local economy is strong with a median household income of $97,799 and an unemployment rate of 4.71%.

Weather in Denver, CO

Denver’s weather is generally sunny and dry but can change quickly due to its proximity to the mountains. Winters are mild with snow that usually melts by noon. Seasonal temperatures range from 32°F in winter to 72°F in summer with low rainfall throughout the year.

Transportation in Denver, CO

Many Denver residents use cars, causing highway congestion during rush hour. While some neighborhoods are walkable, biking is popular thanks to extensive trails and bike-share services. The RTD light rail and bus system offer good public transportation options connecting to places like Boulder and Denver International Airport.

Demographics of Denver, CO

Denver’s diverse population includes many out-of-state transplants leading to a mix of open-minded residents. The median age is 37 and the city is known as a good place for singles contributing to its dynamic community.

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