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4.5 Million Taxpayers in Harlingen, Texas, Await Tax Refunds: Understanding Common Delays and What to Do – Check It Now!

Understanding Tax Refund Delays – Harlingen Residents Await Answers from IRS

Texas Taxpayer Assistance Project Offers Solutions for Delayed Tax Refunds in Harlingen

According to the published article of Valley Central, tax season is ending, but some people in Harlingen, Texas, haven’t gotten their tax refunds yet. The Texas Taxpayer Assistance Project, part of the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid Inc., says there are reasons for these delays. Reveriano Torres from the project explains that one reason could be the IRS needing more information from taxpayers to process their returns.

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4.5 Million Taxpayers in Harlingen, Texas, Await Tax Refunds: Understanding Common Delays and What to Do – Check It Now! (PHOTO: H&R Block)

Navigating Tax Refund Delays – Common Issues and Solutions for Harlingen Taxpayers

Identity theft is another problem causing delays. The IRS might think someone else is using the taxpayer’s information, so they need to check the taxpayer’s identity. Also, if there are mistakes in the reported income or missing forms like the W-2, it can take longer to process. Torres says if you sent your tax return by email or paper, expect to wait because the IRS is still working on returns from last year. If you need help, you can call the Texas Taxpayer Assistance Project or check the IRS website for updates.

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