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7 Out of 10 Deadliest Beaches in the US: Top 4 Florida Beaches to Watch Out For!

Travel Lens Study Reveals Florida Dominates List of America’s Deadliest Beaches”

Beware of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in America, Majority Located on East Coast”

According to the published article by Fox Weather, If you love warm weather and beach activities like sunbathing and swimming, it’s important to be cautious, as a recent Travel Lens study found that the majority of the top 10 deadliest beaches in America, based on surfing fatalities, hurricane strikes, and shark attacks, are along the East Coast, with seven of them located in Florida.

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(PHOTO: State Department)

New Smyrna Beach, Florida (Deadliest Beach Score: 8.14 out of 10)

New Smyrna Beach in Florida is ranked as the most dangerous beach in America by Travel Lens, with a danger score of 8.14 out of 10. Since 2010, this beach has seen 10 surf zone fatalities and 32 reported shark attacks. Additionally, the area has been impacted by 120 hurricanes between 1851 and 2020, making it a particularly hazardous location for beachgoers.

Cocoa Beach, Florida (Deadliest Beach Score: 7.57 out of 10)

Cocoa Beach, also in Florida, holds the second spot on the list with a danger score of 7.57 out of 10. This beach has experienced several surf zone fatalities and numerous shark attacks over the years. Like New Smyrna Beach, Cocoa Beach has been affected by 120 hurricanes, which contributes to its high danger rating and the risks faced by visitors.

Ormond Beach, Florida (Deadliest Beach Score: 7.48 out of 10)

Ormond Beach in Florida is the third most dangerous beach, with a danger score of 7.48 out of 10. This beach has recorded eight surf zone fatalities and four shark attacks. The combination of these incidents and the impact of hurricanes highlights the significant risks present at Ormond Beach, warranting caution from those who visit.

Panama City Beach, Florida (Deadliest Beach Score: 7.16 out of 10)

Panama City Beach, Florida, ranks fourth with a danger score of 7.16 out of 10. This beach has witnessed 24 surf zone deaths since 2010, which is more than double the number of fatalities seen at other top-ranked dangerous beaches. Although there have only been two recorded shark attacks, the high number of fatalities and the frequent hurricanes make Panama City Beach a perilous destination for beach enthusiasts.

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