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$43.4M Unclaimed 2020 Tax Refunds in Pennsylvania Await 38,600 Residents by May 17, 2024 Deadline-Are You The One?

Taxpayers Eligible for $43.4 Million in Unclaimed 2020 Tax Refunds in Pennsylvanian

IRS Urges Taxpayers to Act Before May Deadline

According to TRIBlive unclaimed 2020 tax refunds in Pennsylvanian for taxpayers have a big chance to get back unclaimed tax money from 2020, totaling $43.4 million. About 38,600 people could get unclaimed 2020 tax refunds in Pennsylvania with the average amount being $1,031 which is a lot for many. The deadline to claim these refunds was pushed to May 17, 2024 because of problems caused by COVID-19.

The IRS urges everyone especially those who struggled during the pandemic to check for unclaimed tax refunds before they expire. They emphasize that low or moderate-income workers may qualify for additional money through the Earned Income Tax Credit. To assist in claiming refunds the IRS offers tips and online tools for obtaining necessary documents. While Pennsylvania leads in potential refunds other states like Texas and California also have significant amounts available presenting a nationwide opportunity for taxpayers to retrieve their money.

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$43.4M Unclaimed 2020 Tax Refunds in Pennsylvania Await 38,600 Residents by May 17, 2024 Deadline-Are You The One?(PHOTO: GOBankingRates)

Taxpayers Urged to Act Promptly as May Deadline Nears

Furthermore as the May 17, 2024 deadline approaches it’s crucial for taxpayers to take advantage of the IRS’s resources and guidance to ensure they don’t miss out on claiming their refunds. With the ongoing economic impact of the pandemic these refunds could provide much-needed financial relief for many individuals and families. Additionally the availability of online tools and assistance underscores the IRS’s commitment to making the process as accessible and straightforward as possible for taxpayers nationwide. As Pennsylvania leads in potential refunds this serves as a reminder for taxpayers across the country to check their eligibility and claim their rightful refunds before they expire.

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