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Free Tax Help Awaits: Uncover Philadelphia’s Hidden Gems for Affordable and Efficient Filing Assistance – Check Now!

Accessing Tax Help Without Breaking the Bank

Tax Help – Maximizing Returns and Avoiding Pitfalls

According to WHYY, as the deadline to file taxes approaches on April 15 experts want people to know they can get tax help for free. There are lots of places in Philadelphia, online and in person where you can get your taxes done without paying anything. This means you don’t have to give money to expensive tax help preparers or take out loans with high fees.

Dr. Nikia Owens from Campaign for Working Families says filing taxes online and choosing direct deposit can get you a refund in two weeks. Many miss out on free tax help and pay high fees instead. Americans often overlook tax help credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit. Even though free services like Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) exist they’re underused. Be cautious about who helps with taxes and know services are available in different languages. Plans are underway to make free tax help more visible and to disclose costs for commercial tax preparers.

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Free Tax Help Awaits: Uncover Philadelphia’s Hidden Gems for Affordable and Efficient Filing Assistance – Check Now! (PHOTO:

Streamlining Tax Help Refunds

Furthermore, getting free help with taxes can make getting your refund faster. Dr. Nikia Owens says if you file online and get your refund directly deposited you could get your money back in just two weeks. Even though there are places like Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) that offer free tax help many people don’t know about them and end up paying fees to other tax preparers. It’s important to be careful who you trust for tax help and to use services in different languages no matter if you’re a citizen or not. Efforts are being made to make sure people know about free tax help and understand how much they might have to pay for other tax services.

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