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Illinois Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Protect Residents from Medical Debt Impacting Credit Reports!

Illinois Senate Passes Law to Aid Individuals with Medical Debt

State Senator Steve Stadelman Leads Bipartisan Effort to Address Financial Impact of Medical Emergencies

According to the Chicago Tribune,  the Illinois Senate made a big move to help people with medical debt by passing a new law. State Senator Steve Stadelman led the effort and everyone in the Senate agreed on it showing that both Democrats and Republicans see it as important. Stadelman talked about how getting sick or hurt can mess up your money and he said nobody should have to pick between staying healthy and being able to pay their bills.

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Illinois Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Protect Residents from Medical Debt Impacting Credit Reports! (PHOTO: Nieman Reports)

Illinois Senate Law Shields Individuals from Credit Report Impact of Medical Debt

The new law proposed by the Illinois Senate prevents medical debt from hurting your credit report which can make it tough to get loans. State Senator Steve Stadelman clarified that you still have to pay your medical bills but the Illinois Senate law stops unfair penalties for things out of your control. Similar laws are in the works in New York and Colorado because medical costs are too high. Governor J.B. Pritzker also wants to help by erasing medical debt for many families. If the Illinois House agrees on the Illinois Senate law it will be a big help for people struggling with medical bills ensuring everyone can get care without stressing about money.

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