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Unlocking Sebring, FL: A Demographic Tapestry and Statistical Portrait

Unveiling Sebring: A Nine-Year Journey through Saturday Night Science

Data Fusion: Unraveling the Fabric of Sebring’s Community

According to published article of homesnacks, Over the past nine years HomeSnacks has delved into the heart of Sebring Florida employing a unique blend of data analysis dubbed “Saturday Night Science.” This method draws from diverse primary sources including the Census FBI reports Zillow and more providing a comprehensive overview of life in this vibrant community.

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Unlocking Sebring, FL: A Demographic Tapestry and Statistical Portrait (PHOTO: Top 100 Biggest US Cities By Population)

Deciphering the Essence: Sebring’s Quality of Life Unveiled

Through our research we’ve uncovered intriguing insights into Sebring’s quality of life. From housing trends to crime rates and demographic shifts our analysis paints a multifaceted picture of this charming city. Stay tuned for a detailed exploration of what makes Sebring tick offering valuable perspectives for residents visitors and those curious about life in this dynamic Florida

Life in Sebring research summary

  1. Population: Sebring is home to a population of 11,006 individuals, contributing to its small-town charm and close-knit community atmosphere.
  2. Median Home Value: The median home value in Sebring stands at $237,729, reflecting the stability and attractiveness of the local housing market.
  3. Median Income: With a median income of $38,024, Sebring offers residents a moderate income level, supporting a comfortable lifestyle within the community.
  4. Median Rent: The median rent in Sebring is $875, providing affordable housing options for those who prefer renting over homeownership.
  5. Unemployment Rate: Sebring faces a relatively high unemployment rate of 12.7%, indicating ongoing economic challenges that the community may be working to address.
  6. Poverty Rate: The poverty rate in Sebring is 28.6%, suggesting a significant portion of the population may be grappling with financial hardships and economic disparities.
  7. Climate: Sebring experiences a pleasant climate with an average high of 83.8°F and an average low of 61.5°F, offering residents enjoyable weather year-round.

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