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2,000 Houston Families Receive $500 Monthly Grant From Uplift Harris to Amid Financial Hardships

Uplift Harris Offers Vital Support

Overwhelming Demand Reveals Deep Economic Struggles

According to Business Insider a new program called Uplift Harris in Texas is giving $500 each month to almost 2,000 families who don’t have much money in Houston. But it’s tough to get in only about 2% of the people who asked for help got it. Over 82,000 people wanted to join showing how many folks are struggling financially especially because of the pandemic.

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(PHOTO:NCBlpc)2,000 Houston Families Receive $500 Monthly Grant From Uplift Harris to Amid Financial Hardships

Hope Renewed: Uplift Harris Recipients Find Stability and Dreams Within Reach

Even though only a few families got chosen Uplift Harris is a big deal for them. The $500 each month helps them with things like paying for a place to live and buying everyday stuff. The families who got picked feel hopeful and think this money can help them reach their goals like having a stable place to live or starting their own business. But some politicians are worried if programs like this are allowed. They’re not sure if it’s okay for counties to run these kinds of help programs. Still other places like Austin have tried similar things and it’s been good for the people who got the money. It shows that giving cash to folks who need it can really make a difference in their lives especially when times are tough.

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