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$20 Minimum Now for California’s Fast-Food Workers Wage Hike: Higher Prices on the Menu in Balancing Act

Wage Hike Delivers Boost for Fast-Food Workers

Consumer Costs Climb as Fast-Food Chains React

According to UNILAD California passed a new rule saying fast-food workers must get paid at least $20 an hour up from around $17.89. That’s good news for fast-food workers but it means prices for fast food are going up too. Big chains like Burger King and In-N-Out Burger have already raised their prices by as much as $4.

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Its Yummi)$20 Minimum Now for California’s Fast-Food Workers Wage Hike: Higher Prices on the Menu in Balancing Act

Debate Brews Over Fairness in Fast-Food Wage Hike Fallout

Some people are happy about the higher wages for fast-food workers but others are worried about having to pay more for their food. It’s a debate about who should pay for the higher wages customers or the big fast-food companies. This shows how tricky it is to balance making sure workers get paid enough and keeping prices fair for everyone. Now other big fast-food places like McDonald’s and Jack in the Box are thinking about raising their prices too. It’s a big change in California’s fast-food world and it’s making people think hard about fairness and money.

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