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Child Tax Credits – Public Disapproval Surges for Illegal Immigrants Families

Growing Opposition to Extending Child Tax Credits to Illegal Immigrants Sparks Legislative Action

Public Opposition Grows Against Granting Child Tax Credits to Illegal Immigrants

In a recent survey conducted by the Center for Excellence in Polling, it is been revealed that a growing number of Americans are against granting child tax credits to those who have crossed the border illegally. This sentiment reflects a broader frustration with President Joe Biden’s immigration policies which many perceive as overly lenient. Even more striking is the fact that the opposition remains strong even if the child in question is a legal U.S. citizen.

The proposed $1,800 tax credit for illegal immigrants particularly when they do not pay taxes themselves has sparked significant backlash among likely voters. This backlash has led to proposed legislation such as the Safeguarding American Workers Benefits Act put forward by Sen. Cindy Hyde Smith aimed at closing loopholes that enable undocumented immigrants to claim federal child tax credits. The sentiment behind such proposals underscores concerns about the country’s mounting national debt and the strain on taxpayer funded benefits due to the influx of illegal immigrants.

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Public Opinion Influences Immigration Policy Debates in Senate

The survey results indicate a clear majority against extending child tax credits to illegal immigrant parents with 72% opposing the idea altogether. Even when considering children who are legal U.S. citizens 56% are against granting the tax credit. Additionally, there is a prevailing sentiment that the credit should not be given to parents who do not contribute taxes reflecting concerns about government spending and the allocation of taxpayer resources. As debates continue in the Senate regarding the future of these tax credits public opinion remains a crucial factor shaping the discourse around immigration policy in the United States.

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