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Border Security Battles at Iowa, Texas, and Other States Enact Strict Immigration Laws Amid Federal Government Dispute

Iowa Follows Texas’s Lead

Governor Reynolds Backs the Move

According to Fox News Channel in Iowa, they’re getting ready to pass a law like the one in Texas targeting people who came into the state illegally. This law called Senate File 2340 would let local police arrest those who were deported before and came back. Governor Kim Reynolds supports it saying it’s about protecting their state and people because the federal government isn’t doing enough. Other states like New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are also taking similar steps to deal with worries about border security.

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Houston Public Media)Border Security Battles at Iowa, Texas, and Other States Enact Strict Immigration Laws Amid Federal Government Dispute

Texas Governor Abbott Defiant

Meanwhile Texas is in a fight over its own law against illegal immigration, S.B. 4. Governor Greg Abbott is against the way President Biden is handling the border so he’s pushing for this law. Even though there’s been legal trouble and the White House is against it Abbott is sticking to his plan to make Texas borders stronger like putting up barriers and using buoys in the Rio Grande. This fight between state and federal governments shows how divided the country is about immigration rules. The Biden administration is facing criticism from states led by Republicans who say they’re not doing enough about the border security. There are a lot of people crossing the border and everyone’s worried it might get worse. While the courts are deciding on these laws it’s clear there’s a big fight between states and the federal government about what to do with immigration making it hard to know what will happen next.

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