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20-Year Friendship Ends in Life Sentence for S.C. Man Over Eviction Dispute- Tragic Turn of Fate!

64-Year-Old Convicted of Murdering 82-Year-Old Family Friend

Nathan Zeigler Convicted for Killing 82-Year-Old Family Friend, Sentenced to Life in Prison

Tragically, Nathan Zeigler, 64, has been found guilty of killing his 82-year-old family friend, C.J., and has been sentenced to life in prison. youthful. The event started on January 7, 2022, when Young dialed 911 from his residence, pleading for assistance. Tragically, Zeigler shot and killed Young while speaking chillingly to dispatchers about his lack of regret. Police discovered Zeigler dead in the backyard, Young dead in the kitchen, and the murder weapon stashed in a grill not far from it.

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20-Year Friendship Ends in Life Sentence for S.C. Man Over Eviction Dispute- Tragic Turn of Fate! (PHOTO: Live 5 News)

Young and Zeigler’s 20-Year Friendship Ends in Fatal Consequences

A disagreement about eviction caused Young and Zeigler’s relationship, which had been described as that of family friends for more than 20 years, to take a terrifying turn. Zeigler lived rent-free for almost twenty years because to Young’s benevolence, but when Young wanted to reclaim his house, problems developed. Zeigler testified during the trial that he was acting in self-defense, but the prosecution steadfastly maintained that this was an inexcusable act of violence and called it a needless murder. This terrible event serves as a sobering reminder of the dire repercussions that unresolved issues can have and the significance of finding peaceful solutions.

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