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Queens Assemblymember Champions Fight for Increased SNAP Benefits NYC State Budget

(PHOTO: New York State Assembly)

Championing Change: Jessica González-Rojas Leads the Fight Against Food Insecurity

Queens Assemblymember Champions Fight for Increased SNAP Benefits NYC State Budget. (PHOTO: Latino Justice)

Coalition for Change: Uniting Stakeholders in the Push for SNAP Benefit NYC Increase

According to QNS, Jessica González-Rojas, a Queens assemblywoman, has become a prominent voice in the battle against food insecurity in New York State. She is currently leading a coalition that is pushing for an increase in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) minimum benefit to $100 in the upcoming fiscal year budget. González-Rojas, supported by a wide range of stakeholders such as business, public health, and agricultural advocacy groups, highlights the pressing necessity of addressing the concerning data that indicate pervasive food insecurity throughout the state. The group is calling for action now more than ever because food insecurity affects almost one in four persons in the state and an even more alarming 39% of adults in the Bronx.

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Empowering Change: Uniting for Increased SNAP Benefits NYC

The coalition’s initiative is driven by the recognition of SNAP Benefits NYC as a pivotal tool in combating hunger and poverty while also stimulating the local economy. González-Rojas stresses the dual significance of increasing SNAP Benefits NYC both in alleviating immediate hunger and in bringing substantial federal dollars into New York. The endorsement of the notable entities such as Instacart, the National Supermarket Association, and others underscores the broad support for the proposed SNAP Benefits NYC increase as they highlight the importance of food accessibility and the positive economic and social impact of higher benefits. As the coalition amplifies its advocacy efforts their unified stance represents a pivotal response to the pressing issue of food insecurity in New York. With mounting evidence pointing to the growing number of households struggling with food insufficiency, the call for a meaningful increase in SNAP Benefits NYC emerges as a tangible solution to address hunger, alleviate the economic strain, and bridge health disparities across the state.

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