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Arizona Father Arrested for Allegedly Causing Severe Injuries to 4 Month Old – Tragic Incident!

Buckeye, Arizona Shaken by Infant’s Severe Injuries: Father Arrested for Child Abuse

Alleged Negligence and Violence: 27-Year-Old Accused of Causing Critical Injuries to 4-Month-Old

A disturbing incident has shaken Buckeye, Arizona, as a 27-year-old man finds himself in police custody following severe injuries sustained by a 4-month-old girl under his care. David Roman, identified as the infant’s father by KTVK-TV, faces accusations of inflicting skull fractures, brain bleeding, and broken ribs on the young child. Detectives from the Buckeye Police Department launched an investigation after the baby was rushed to a valley hospital on March 13 with critical injuries, leading them to conclude that Roman was responsible.According to reports, Roman initially claimed the injuries occurred accidentally, alleging that he stepped on a toy, causing him to drop the baby and fall on her. However, further scrutiny by authorities revealed inconsistencies in Roman’s account, leading to suspicion of deliberate harm. Police uncovered additional instances where the infant had fallen while in Roman’s care, contradicting his initial explanations. Consequently, Roman was arrested on Wednesday, March 27, and now faces charges including child abuse and endangerment, shedding light on a distressing case of alleged parental negligence and violence.

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Man arrested for child abuse, baby hospitalized with skull fractures and broken ribs: PD - YouTube

Arizona Father Arrested for Allegedly Causing Severe Injuries to 4 Month Old – Tragic Incident!(PHOTO: getty image)

Buckeye Community in Shock: David Roman’s Arrest Sparks Concerns for Children’s Safety

The community has been rocked by David Roman’s arrest, raising questions about the welfare and safety of minors under their care. Authorities are working hard as investigations go on to guarantee that justice is done, facilitate the damaged infant’s recovery, and provide protection. This tragic event calls for immediate action to stop such catastrophic events from happening again and serves as a sobering reminder of the value of accountability and vigilance in protecting society’s most vulnerable members.

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