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$4 Billion Aid Dilemma: President Joe Biden Faces Pressure through Israel-Palestine Conflict!

President Joe Biden Faces Pressure of Israel-Palestine Conflict

Debate Over U.S. Aid to Israel Intensifies

According to Eurasia Review, President Joe Biden faces pressure to deal with the fighting between Israel and Palestine. President Joe Biden criticized Israel’s actions in Gaza and supported a ceasefire at the UN but President Joe Biden hasn’t tied U.S. aid to Israel to their behavior. President Joe Biden gives Israel about $4 billion a year in aid mostly for military purposes. Even though some Democrats and voters aren’t happy about this President Joe Biden sticks to supporting Israel because he’s always been a big supporter and thinks it’s crucial for the U.S.

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$4 Billion Aid Dilemma: President Joe Biden Faces Pressure through Israel-Palestine Conflict! (PHOTO: CNN)

Internal Debate in the Democratic Party Over U.S. Aid to Israel

President Joe Biden‘s decision not to put conditions on aid to Israel has caused arguments in his party. Some Democrats want him to stop aid if Israel blocks U.S. help to Gaza. President Joe Biden and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a close relationship but it’s uncertain if this helps solve the conflict. The risk of the fighting spreading beyond Gaza adds more problems to President Joe Biden’s decision. Despite the challenges President Joe Biden aims to achieve a ceasefire and push for a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, showing how tough the situation is.

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