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Ex-Employee and Contractor Charged with Felonies for Allegedly Misusing Public Funds to Build Secret Homes at Train Stations

(photo: CBS News)

Former Caltrain Employee and Contractor Charged with Felonies for Secretly Building Homes in Train Stations

 Ex-Worker and Contractor Charged with Felonies for Misusing Public Funds

According to the crime report of  The Mercury News, former Caltrain worker Joseph Vincent Navarro and contractor Seth Andrew Worden are in trouble. They’ve been charged with felonies for secretly using public money to build hidden homes inside train stations. Navarro who used to be a big shot at Caltrain allegedly teamed up with Worden to turn office spaces into apartments at two train stations on the Peninsula. They made Navarro’s place in Burlingame fancy with a kitchen, shower, and even security cameras, all paid for by taxpayer dollars. They tried to hide their scheme by keeping the bills under $3,000 each hoping no one would notice.

Worden got caught first in 2020 when employees found his secret pad in the Millbrae station. But it wasn’t until 2022 that someone tipped off the authorities about Navarro’s setup in Burlingame. Navarro got the boot from his job when he admitted he sometimes stayed in the station but prosecutors say he was using it as his main home. This mess has shaken up trust in Caltrain and reminds everyone how important it is to watch out for misuse of public money especially during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Former Caltrain Employee and Contractor Charged with Felonies for Secretly Building Homes in Train Stations. (photo: Reddit)

Navarro and Worden Charged with Felonies for Secret Apartment Scheme

Furthermore, Navarro and Worden are facing serious consequences if they’re found guilty up to four years in prison. This whole situation shows why it’s crucial to keep a close eye on how public money is spent. Caltrain’s boss Michelle Bouchard says they’re serious about investigating bad behavior and making sure people are held responsible. With these two in hot water it’s a wake-up call for everyone to be transparent and careful with taxpayer dollars especially in important places like Caltrain.

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