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$3M in Unclaimed Tax Refunds at Risk for Rhode Islanders as May 17 Deadline Looms – Know More!

(photo: GOBankingRates)

Thousands of Rhode Islanders Risk Losing Unclaimed Tax Refunds for 2020

Free Assistance Available in Rhode Island to Help Claim Unclaimed Tax Refunds

Many Americans in Rhode Island didn’t file their tax returns on time for 2020. About 2,600 of them might lose out on $3 million in IRS refunds. These refunds are money owed to them but if they don’t file by May 17, the cash goes back to the government, according to The Providence Journal published article. The average Americans could get about $986 back so it’s important to act fast.

A program called VITA offers free tax help for those Americans who earn less than $64,000 a year. Trained volunteers can assist with filing taxes at 24 sites across Rhode Island. They speak different languages like Spanish and Portuguese. This assistance could ensure that Americans don’t miss out on their unclaimed tax refunds.

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Thousands of Rhode Islanders Risk Losing Unclaimed Tax Refunds for 2020. (photo: Money)

Utilize Free File Program and IRS Centers to Claim Unclaimed Tax Refunds

The IRS is reaching out to high earners who haven’t filed taxes since 2017. They’re sending letters to remind them of their obligations. For those looking to file their 2023 taxes and there’s the Free File program. It’s a way to file taxes for free if you earn up to $78,000 a year. With six companies offering free preparation it’s a helpful option. And if you have other tax issues the IRS has centers in Providence and Warwick to provide assistance. There are resources available to help Americans claim their unclaimed tax refunds before it’s too late.

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