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2024’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana Under Crime’s Unforgiving Glare

(PHOTO: XL Country 100.7)

Unveiling Montana’s Perilous Cities: RoadSnacks’ Startling Findings for 2024

2024’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana Under Crime’s Unforgiving Glare. (PHOTO: XL Country 100.7)

Addressing Safety Concerns Statewide: Calls for Comprehensive Solutions

According to Southwest Journal, in a chilling revelation RoadSnacks has compiled a list of Montana’s most dangerous cities for 2024 urging residents to be vigilant amidst concerns over crime rates. Delving into FBI crime data, the analysis scrutinized 31 cities across the state revealing alarming statistics regarding both violent and property crimes. While Montana’s crime figures may not rank among the highest nationwide of most dangerous cities, the report underscores the pressing need for improvement in addressing safety concerns. While larger cities like Billings and Missoula may draw attention, the report emphasizes that Montana’s issues with crime are dispersed across the state requiring a comprehensive approach to address. Suggestions for potential solutions for the most dangerous cities range from bolstering law enforcement presence to implementing enhanced surveillance measures and drug rehabilitation programs. The report urges residents to familiarize themselves with the list of Montana’s most dangerous cities before making significant decisions affecting their safety and well-being. Among the state’s unsettling history of crimes, the case of Nathaniel Bar-Jonah stands out as one of the most shocking. Bar-Jonah, a convicted child predator was arrested in Great Falls in 1999 for attempting to abduct children while impersonating a police officer. The subsequent investigation uncovered disturbing evidence suggesting his involvement in the disappearance of Zachary Ramsay including a handwritten cookbook detailing recipes for abhorrent dishes like “little boy stew.” Although Bar-Jonah was never formally charged with Ramsay’s murder his conviction on related charges in 2002 shed light on the need for reforms in managing sex offenders and safeguarding communities from such egregious acts of violence.

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The 10 Most Riskiest Places To Reside In Montana For 2024

  1. Billings – Situated near the Yellowstone River in south central Montana, Billings is a big city in an overwhelmingly rural state. It has plenty of appeal because to the breathtaking natural surroundings and the Western Heritage Center and Yellowstone Art Museum, two popular cultural destinations. Still, it’s also the most dangerous city in Montana due to high rates of property crime, which includes burglaries, robberies, and auto theft. The city with 110,157 residents had an astonishing 14 homicides the year before.
  2. Ronan City – Only 2,141 people live in Ronan, a little town in northwest Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation. But the crime rate per capita in the area is startlingly high. With 66 property violations and 20 violent crimes in a single year, it is worthy of its status as the second most dangerous city in Montana.
  3. Helena – Sadly, Helena is also the state’s hotspot for rape, even though elementary school children know her best as Montana’s political hub. The state’s highest reported rape rate—50 in a single year—occurs in the 33,629-person city. Helena witnessed 216 violent crimes and 1,227 property crimes during the same period.
  4. Polson – There are severe safety concerns in Polson, a little village in northwest Montana that is a part of the Flathead Indian Reservation. The community was the fourth most dangerous in Montana in one year, with 36 violent crimes and 164 property offenses reported.
  5. Havre – Though it bears a French name, Havre is a dilapidated American railroad town located in north central Montana, next to the Milk River. With 57 assaults recorded in the past year, this 9,820-person municipality has significant safety issues as a result of escalating rates of violent and property crime.
  6. Cut Bank – Sometimes the saying “small is beautiful” isn’t true. Consider the Montana town of Cut Bank. Even though it is a small community with only 3,075 residents, it is the state’s most dangerous location. Cut Bank is named for a neighboring canyon and is around thirty miles from the Canadian border. However, its moniker can also allude to a darker truth: the vicious underbelly of the town. Cut Bank, a town of only a few thousand inhabitants, recorded 23 violent events, which resulted in the highest violent crime rate in Montana (747/100k people). Cut Bank has a marginally better record when it comes to property crime, having reported 78 incidents in the past year, or a rate of 2,536/100,000 residents, placing it eighth in the state.
  7. Great Falls – With 58,345 residents, Great Falls is the third-largest city in Montana and has a rich history as a center of transportation and industry. The saying “the more, the merrier” isn’t always true, though, since more population can sometimes lead to issues, like this place’s highest rate of property crime in Montana. Every year, the city reports 2,999 property crimes, or an astounding 5,140 per 100,000 residents. Great Falls has a crime rate of 5,596 per 100,000 residents, making it the second most criminalized city in Montana as a result of this pervasive property crime. With only 266 recorded cases of violent crime, Great Falls does slightly better in this regard. It ranks as the 12th most violent location in the state as a result.
  8. Missoula – With 76,468 citizens, it may not seem like much compared to cities like New York or San Francisco, but it’s one of the biggest in Montana. But size also presents certain difficulties. Interestingly, Missoula has one of Montana’s highest homicide rates. Out of the 376 violent crimes reported in the city in a year, 4 killings were reported. As a result, Missoula is the state’s most murderous metropolis. In addition, the city recorded 60 rapes in a single year. With 2,745 recorded cases, property crime is also a problem in Missoula, ranking seventh in terms of auto theft and burglaries. With 3,589 property crimes committed per 100,000 persons, Montana has the fourth highest rate of property crime.
  9. Wolf Point – If you’re not a rodeo enthusiast, you may not be familiar with Wolf Point, Montana. The oldest rodeo in Montana is held in this city. However, guests ought to use caution. Wolf Point has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the state, aside from the rodeo. The city, which is the principal hub of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northeastern Montana, had 33 violent offenses recorded in a single year. With a population of only 2,744, this number may not seem important, yet it corresponds to the highest violent crime rate in Montana—1,202 per 100k people. But not all is gloomy. At 1,931/100,000, Wolf Point has a relatively low property crime rate, ranking 16th in the state for property-related crimes.
  10. East Helena – Situated only 5 miles away from Helena, the capitol of Montana, lies the little village of East Helena. There are just 2,113 people living there, making it one of the riskiest places in Montana. East Helena had ten violent crimes and fifty property offenses in a single year. These numbers may appear insignificant in the grand scheme of things when compared to a city the size of New York City, but they indicate an increase in crime given the small population of East Helena. With regard to population size, East Helena reported 2,366/100,000 for property crimes and 473/100,000 for violent crimes. According to these figures, it ranks as Montana’s eleventh most hazardous location for both kinds of crime. Because of this, East Helena is riskier than a city with more than 30 times as many people as Missoula, Montana.

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