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Displaced Families Linked to Dodgers Stadium Land – California Bill Proposes Reparations!

California Lawmaker Introduces Bill for Reparations to Displaced Families in Chavez Ravine

Reparations Bill Introduced for Displaced Families from Chavez Ravine

Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo of California has put forward a new bill AB 1950 aiming to right a historical wrong for families displaced from the Chavez Ravine area in Los Angeles where the iconic Dodgers Stadium now stands. The predominantly Latino community along with Chinese and Italian residents inhabited the area in the 1950s until Los Angeles officials acquired the land through eminent domain to build public housing. However, the project was abandoned, and the land was sold to a private developer leading to the construction of Dodgers Stadium in 1962.

The bill, propelled by the advocacy efforts of the Buried Under the Blue organization seeks to provide reparations for the families affected by the displacement. It proposes various forms of compensation including offering comparable City owned real estate or fair market value compensation adjusted for inflation. Additionally, it establishes pathways for displaced residents to receive relocation assistance, healthcare access, employment support, educational opportunities and other forms of compensation as deemed appropriate by a newly established Task Force.

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Assemblywoman Carrillo Leads Effort to Address Historical Injustices and Honor Chavez Ravine Community

Assemblywoman Carrillo emphasized the significance of addressing past injustices and honoring the legacy of the Chavez Ravine community through the proposed legislation. The bill represents a step towards historical accountability, reparative measures and the creation of a permanent memorial to commemorate the community’s resilience and struggles. Carrillo’s initiative reflects a broader trend of reparations being considered in various state legislatures across the country, signaling a growing recognition of historical injustices and a commitment to rectify them.

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