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Rally for State Child Tax Credit Inspiring Community Change and Empathy at Trinity College Students

Empathy in Action Trinity College Students Lead Efforts for State Child Tax Credit

Voices Amplified Grassroots Advocacy Takes Center Stage in Hartford as Students Push for Financial Relief

According to Your National Champs Hartford students at Trinity College in Hartford are working hard to help families facing money problems. Led by freshman Thad Hempel they want to make a permanent state child tax credit to help lots of families in Connecticut. They’re learning a lot about their community by talking to people like Maria Núñez who has worked hard since she was 13. Her story touched them deeply and made them even more determined to help.

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Investopedia)Rally for State Child Tax Credit Inspiring Community Change and Empathy at Trinity College Students

Driving Change Trinity College Students Lead the Charge for Economic Equity

The students’ research has shown them how important this state child tax credit is for people like Núñez. Even though it’s not easy they’re staying positive. Freshman Jude Staples believes they can convince state leaders to support their idea. They’re planning to talk directly to these leaders showing how much they care about making life better for families in their state. These Trinity College students aren’t just watching from the sidelines. They’re actively involved in making their community better. By standing up for fairness and equality they’re inspiring others to join them. With their passion and knowledge they’re ready to change the lives of many families in Connecticut. They’re proof that young people’s voices can make a big difference.

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