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Alaska Land of Contrasts: Beauty, Crime, and Urban Vitality – Check It Now!

(photo: agefotostock)

Alaska Land of Contrasts – Stunning Nature and Crime Challenges

In Alaska, a big state with stunning nature there’s a problem with crime, according to the report of Southwest Journal. The rate of violent crime is high more than the national average. But in the south-central area where most people live there’s Anchorage the biggest city. Alaska has lots of towns and cities with 355 altogether including 148 cities that are officially recognized. It’s a place of contrasts where beautiful landscapes meet challenges of safety inviting everyone to explore its beauty and complexity.

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Alaska Land of Contrasts – Stunning Nature and Crime Challenges. (PHOTO: GSM Project)

5 Alaska Land of Contrasts


Alaska’s largest city with over 288,000 residents faces significant safety challenges. Its violent crime rate of 11.40 per 1,000 residents and property crime rate of 34.55 per 1,000 residents far exceed state and national averages painting a grim picture of safety in the city.


The state capital nestled in the Alaskan panhandle presents a mixed safety picture. While its violent crime rate aligns with the state average property crime rates soar approximately 25% higher than elsewhere in Alaska. Downtown Juneau and Lemon Creek are noted for higher crime rates.


Situated along the picturesque Kuskokwim River, grapples with elevated crime rates. Its violent crime rate of 14.00 per 1,000 residents nearly doubles the state average with overall crime exceeding the national average by over 5%.


Alaska’s largest city in the interior with over 32,000 residents faces safety concerns. While its violent crime rate falls below the state average property crime rates are double the national average. Areas like North Lake View and Van Horn Industrial Park require heightened vigilance.


The principal city on Kodiak Island contends with elevated crime rates despite its stunning landscapes. Neighborhoods like Kodiak West and Mill Bay experience higher crime rates with violent crime exceeding the state average and property crime rates six times the Alaskan average per square mile.

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