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$6M Stolen Money of Murdaugh: His Web of Lies Amid Prosecutors Sentence Him Over 100-Year of imprisonment

Alex Murdaugh is led to the Colleton County Courthouse by sheriff's deputies for sentencing Friday, March 3, 2023 in Walterboro, S.C., after being convicted of two counts of murder in the June 7, 2021, shooting deaths of Murdaugh's wife and son. ( Joshua Boucher/The State via AP, Pool)

Government seeks to nullify plea deal

Uncertainty looms over sentencing

According to AP in a big twist the government wants to cancel their deal with Alex Murdaugh a guy who’s already in jail for killing his family. They say he lied to the FBI about where he hid $6 million stolen money and who helped him. Murdaugh confessed about his stolen money before but now there’s doubt about his honesty because he supposedly failed a lie detector test.

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People)$6M Stolen Money of Murdaugh: His Web of Lies Amid Prosecutors Sentence Him Over 100-Year of imprisonment

Prosecutors Seek Lengthy Sentence Amidst Murdaugh’s Dishonesty

The prosecutors are really mad and want to give Murdaugh a super long sentence more than 100 years in prison. They’re mad because he didn’t tell them everything he was supposed to. Even though he admitted to taking millions they still don’t know where all the stolen money went. Now they’re keeping secrets about his lie detector test and interviews because they’re worried about messing up the investigation. Murdaugh’s lawyers aren’t saying anything so nobody knows what’s going to happen next. His sentencing is coming soon and it’s unclear if he’ll get even more time behind bars. It’s a messed-up situation with lies cheating and a sad story of a family torn apart.

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