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$20 Minimum Wage for California’s Fast-Food Workforce Approaching – Do You Qualify?

From $16 to $20 Minimum Wage for Fast-Food Workers – California‘s Fast-Forward $4 Raise:

Boosting Worker Support: Pros and Cons of $20 Minimum Wage for California Fast-Food Industry

According to ABC 7 San Francisco, California is going to raise the wages for fast-food workers – a $20 minimum wage. Right now they get $16. The $20 minimum wage change is seen as a good thing for workers because it means they’ll have more money to support themselves. But it’s making some business owners worried. They think the $20 minimum wage might be too expensive for them to pay their workers more and they might have to close down some shops or let go of some employees.

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$20 Minimum Wage for California’s Fast-Food Workforce Approaching – Do You Qualify? (PHOTO: NYC Food Policy Center)

The California $20 Minimum Wage Debate and Its Ripple Effects – Balancing Worker Welfare and Business Sustainability

Americans have different opinions about this. Some say it’s about time workers got paid better while others are concerned about what it means for businesses. The $20 minimum wage decision in California could also influence other places to do the same thing. It shows that there’s a debate about what’s more important: making sure workers earn enough to live on or making sure businesses can stay profitable. So it’s a big deal for both workers and businesses and we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

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