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New York Lawmakers Propose Bill to Aid Farmers in Providing Housing for Workers, Boosting Agricultural Sector

New Law in New York Aims to Assist Farmers with Worker Housing

Proposal Seeks Tax Breaks for Farmer Housing in New York

According to Finger Lakes New York Senator Jim Tedisco and Assemblymember Marianne Buttenschon are working together on a new law to help farmers in the state. The lawmakers propose bill would give farmers more help with building homes for their workers. Right now farmers get a tax break when they build things for animals like barns but they don’t get the same break for building homes for their workers. This new law would change that. The New York Farm Bureau supports the idea of lawmakers propose bill because they know how important farm workers are and how much they need good places to live.

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National Association of Counties)New York Lawmakers Propose Bill to Aid Farmers in Providing Housing for Workers, Boosting Agricultural Sector

Holistic Approach Proposed to Address New York’s Housing Challenges

Governor Kathy Hochul also wants to fix housing problems in New York. She plans to build 15,000 homes on state land. Senator Tedisco says this new law of lawmakers propose bill is just one part of a bigger plan to fix housing issues in the state. He thinks we need to do more than just make new laws or spend money. We need to have different ways to fix the problem. People who like this new law of lawmakers propose bill say it’s really important for keeping farms running in New York. Farms are a big part of New York’s economy. By helping farmers build better homes for their workers this law of lawmakers propose bill can help farms stay open and keep growing. It’s a way to make sure farm workers have what they need and to make sure farming can keep going strong in New York

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