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Basic Income Program – Mayor Ballantyne Launches to Support Community Members

Somerville Mayor Joins Nationwide Initiative to Boost Financial Stability

Somerville Launches Guaranteed Basic Income Program to Combat Housing Instability

In Somerville, Mayor Ballantyne has joined over 100 other mayors across the country in a new initiative called Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI). This program aims to provide financial stability to those who need it most. In Somerville, they are launching the Somerville Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot, which will give $750 a month to households facing housing instability. This money comes from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act to help with COVID 19 recovery efforts.

The program partners with local organizations like the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative and the Office of Housing Stability to identify families in need. These families will receive payments starting in July 2024 for a year. The goal is to not only help with housing but also to improve overall stability including health and education opportunities for families. Mayor Ballantyne says it is about giving struggling families a solid foundation to move forward.

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Somerville’s Innovative Pilot Program Tackles Housing Affordability and Promotes Equity

The initiative addresses important issues like housing affordability which affects many families in Somerville and across the United States. With rising income inequality and financial instability programs like this are crucial for supporting vulnerable communities.  It is a step towards addressing the housing crisis and promoting equity and wellness in Somerville.

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