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65-Year-Old Convicted to Life + 5: $35 Debt Sparks Fatal Dispute, Friend Found Guilty of Murder

(photo: Inside Edition)

Sparks Fatal Dispute: Tragic End to Friendship Over $35 Debt

Rickey Carter Convicted in ‘Sparks Fatal Dispute Case

A longtime friendship turned deadly as a 65-year-old man named Rickey Carter was found guilty of killing his 48-year-old friend Quinlan Parker over a small debt of $35, according to True Crime Daily crime report. The court, after watching a bench trial decided that Carter was responsible for Parker’s death. He was convicted of serious crimes like murder and assault and was sentenced to spend his life in prison plus an extra five years. This sad story came to be known as the “Sparks Fatal Dispute” in DeKalb County, Georgia.

It all started on January 28, 2022 when police found Parker dead in his apartment on Maypop Lane shot in the chest. Parker’s family said Carter his old friend came over and they argued about the $35 Parker owed him. The argument got worse and Carter pulled out a gun which led to Parker’s tragic death. Even though Carter said he acted to protect himself the evidence including a video from a cell phone showed that Parker was trying to get away when Carter shot him.

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Sparks Fatal Dispute: Tragic End to Friendship Over $35 Debt. (photo: USA Today)

Sparks Fatal Dispute Underscores Importance of Conflict Resolution

The trial showed how dangerous small arguments can become if not handled carefully. Despite Carter’s claims, the court saw the video and other evidence that proved he was responsible for Parker’s death. As Carter begins his life sentence the community is reminded of the serious consequences of letting disputes spiral out of control and the loss of a life over a small debt is a tragic lesson for everyone.

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