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$500 Cash Drop: New Yorkers Eligible for No-Strings-Attached Payments – Meet These 2 Criteria to Qualify!

Mount Vernon‘s ‘Level Up‘ Initiative: $500 Cash Drop to 200 Residents with No Strings Attached

President Biden‘s Plan Funds Unconditional Cash Support in Mount Vernon‘s Innovative ‘Level Up‘ Program

According to The US Sun, In Mount Vernon, New York they’re starting a program called “Level Up.” They’ll conduct a $500 cash drop every month to 200 Americans without asking for anything in return. This $500 cash drop experiment wants to see how giving money directly to Americans affects their lives. The government got the $500 cash drop from a plan by President Biden to help out.

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$500 Cash Drop: New Yorkers Eligible for No-Strings-Attached Payments – Meet These 2 Criteria to Qualify! (PHOTO: King 5 News)

Mount Vernon‘s ‘Level Up‘: A Randomized $500 Cash Drop Experiment on the Impact of Unconditional Cash Support Amidst Financial Struggles

They picked the 200 Americans randomly from a big group who wanted to join. Also they chose 275 more Americans to not get the $500 cash drop. These folks will help researchers see if getting the $500 cash drop changes things compared to not getting any. It’s like a big science project to see what works best to help people with money problems. Mount Vernon is not the only place trying this out. Other cities in the U.S. are doing similar things. This “Level Up” idea wants to make life better for folks struggling with money. If it works well more places will do it too.

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