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White Supremacist’s Lake of Horror: Guilty Verdict for Double Murder


Gang Affiliation Unveiled: Nutt’s ties to the Ghostface Gangsters shed light on the dangerous underworld connections behind the tragic murders.

Justice Served: Verdict delivers four consecutive life sentences signaling a resolute stance against violent crime and white supremacist extremism.

According to published article of truecrimedaily, Joshua Nutt also known as Joshua Bradley was convicted by a jury on March 19 for the brutal murders of Marcus Caswell Jr. and Travis Lodato. The harrowing details revealed Nutt’s association with the Ghostface Gangsters a notorious white supremacist prison gang. His heinous crimes including malice murder armed robbery and aggravated assault earned him four consecutive life sentences without parole highlighting the severity of his actions.

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White Supremacist’s Lake of Horror: Guilty Verdict for Double Murder (PHOTO: The Guardian)

Unveiling the Truth: Despite self-defense claims evidence reveals a calculated path of violence, emphasizing the necessity for justice against such callous criminal acts.

Despite Nutt’s claims of self-defense during the trial evidence painted a chilling picture of premeditated violence. From the calculated robbery to the callous disposal of the victims’ bodies in West Point Lake Nutt’s trail of destruction showcased a lifetime of criminal behavior. The decisive verdict and sentencing underscored the resolve of authorities to bring justice to those who perpetrate such senseless acts of violence.

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