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Rebate Program in Oregon: DEQ Clean Vehicle Will Return!

PHOTO: Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program to Reopen Temporarily in April

As Oregon Pushes More Electric Vehicles, A Gap Emerges In, 54% OFF

Rebate Program in Oregon: DEQ Clean Vehicle Will Return! (PHOTO:

Oregon Rebate Program: Details and Incentives

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has announced that the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program will reopen on April 3 and run for a period of two months. On June 4, though, the scheme is slated to end once more because of a lack of funding and high demand. Any vehicle purchased or leased on or before June 4, 2024, or before April 3, 2024, will not be eligible for rebates.

Applications for refunds must be filed no later than six months from the date of the lease or purchase. The program will end when the funding run out. Applications that are approved before June 4 will go into a waiting list and be paid in the early spring of 2025, when additional funding becomes available.

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Program Accessibility and Fund Tracking

Citing their role in lowering air pollution and enhancing public health, DEQ highlights the significance of switching to electric vehicles for environmental reasons. Electric car affordability is the goal of the Clean car Rebate Program, especially for low- and moderate-income households. The Standard Rebate offers up to $2,500 for qualified new electric vehicles, while the Charge Ahead Rebate gives qualifying low- and moderate-income households up to $7,500 for new electric vehicles or $5,000 for used ones.

Applicants can track the remaining fund balance on the DEQ website, and low- and moderate-income households can prequalify for the Charge Ahead Rebate using the Income Eligibility Calculator. Although vehicles purchased outside the specified dates will not receive state rebates, they may still qualify for federal tax credits. The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program is funded by at least $12 million annually, covering program costs and administration.

Additional incentives for electric vehicle purchases or charging infrastructure are available through various state agencies and electric utilities, detailed on the Go Electric Oregon website to assist potential buyers and lessees.

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