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Property Tax Increase for 2024-2025: Elizabethtown Board Discussion


Proposed Property Tax Increase and Budget Allocation

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Property Tax Increase for 2024-2025: Elizabethtown Board Discussion (PHOTO: Vista Residences)

Property Tax Rebates for Senior Citizens

The topic of discussion at the most recent Elizabethtown Area School Board workshop, which took place on March 12th, property tax increase was proposed about3.75%  for the year 2024–25 budget. The purpose of this increase is to cover the expected $80.9 million budget’s worth of expenses, which include salaries, benefits, and required special education fees. Superintendent Karen Nell emphasized the urgent need for replacements after almost two decades of use by pointing out a noteworthy $125,000 budgeted for new high school band outfits.

However, amidst concerns over the tax hike, the board introduced a proposal to offer property tax rebates specifically aimed at senior citizens aged 65 and above with low incomes. If approved, eligible homeowners with incomes up to $22,500 could receive a $500 rebate, while those earning between $22,501 and $40,000 could apply for a $250 rebate. This initiative, modeled after a state rebate program, aims to alleviate the burden of the tax increase on senior citizens.

Based on data from the state tax department, district spokesperson Troy Portser estimated that there were about 525 possible candidates in the first income group and 301 in the second. For seniors who qualify, these rebates would virtually balance the tax increase, preventing them from being excessively burdened by increased property taxes.

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Financial Implications and Taxpayer Concerns

Tina Wilson, a board member, endorsed the idea and emphasized the need of helping elderly people who might find it difficult to pay their taxes. Still, not every board member felt the same way. Alisha Runkle expressed worries about the rebate program’s financial effects, claiming that it would end up being very expensive for the district and possibly result in higher taxes for people under the age of 65.

The current millage stands at 19.1671, with a 3.75% increase expected to raise it to 19.8859 mills. This translates to an annual increase of $141, or nearly $12 a month, for the average residential property with an assessed value of $196,466.

As deliberations continue, the board faces the challenge of balancing the budgetary needs of the district with the concerns of taxpayers, particularly seniors on fixed incomes. The decision on both the tax increase and the proposed rebate program will significantly impact the financial landscape of the community and the district as a whole.

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