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Ohio Food Banks Struggle Amidst Rising Needs: Urgent Call for Renewal of Farm Bill SNAP Benefits

Strain on Food Banks:

Call for Congressional Action

According to Public News Services Ohio’s food banks are having a tough time since emergency SNAP benefits stopped a year ago. Now groceries cost more and lots of families need help. Joree Novotny, who runs the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, said families are struggling because they lost benefits and things like inflation and higher bills are making it harder. Food banks are really busy helping 1.3 million people every month which is a lot more than before.

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(PHOTO:Business Insider)Ohio Food Banks Struggle Amidst Rising Needs: Urgent Call for Renewal of Farm Bill SNAP Benefits

Urgent Need for Congressional Action on SNAP

Families are running out of their food benefits from SNAP very quickly in just two weeks. It’s really important for Congress to act fast and renew the Farm Bill. This bill includes SNAP benefits which is really important for families and farmers. Novotny said cutting SNAP benefits more would make things even worse. With food prices going up and more families worried about having enough to eat it’s urgent to find good solutions for everyone in Ohio. A strong Farm Bill with good SNAP benefit rules can help families in tough times and keep food banks running smoothly. But right now there’s uncertainty about what Congress will do. The future of many Ohio families depends on getting help quickly. So it’s super important for Congress to step up and make sure everyone can get the food they need to stay healthy.

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