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Insensitive Jokes Prompt Apology: “Ned’s Declassified” Stars Regret Mocking Drake Bell’s Assault Documentary

Nickelodeon Stars Apologize for Insensitive Jokes on TikTok

Ned’s Declassified” Cast Learns Importance of Empathy After Insensitive Jokes on Drake Bell

According to Page Six, the stars from the Nickelodeon show “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” got into trouble after they made insensitive jokes during a live video on TikTok. Americans got upset because their insensitive jokes seemed like they were making fun of Drake Bell‘s bad experience with someone from Nickelodeon. Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee said sorry on their podcast. They didn’t know how serious Bell‘s situation was at the time. They felt really bad after watching a documentary about what happened to Bell.

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Insensitive Jokes Prompt Apology: “Ned’s Declassified” Stars Regret Mocking Drake Bell’s Assault Doc (PHOTO: Perez Hilton)

Ned’s Declassified” Podcast Episode: Cast Apologizes and Reflects on Insensitive Jokes

On their podcast Werkheiser, Shaw, and Curtis Lee apologized to Bell expressing regret and acknowledging their ignorance of the seriousness of his situation until watching the documentary. Werkheiser particularly felt terrible about the potential misunderstanding caused by their insensitive jokes. They emphasized the importance of being more cautious when discussing serious topics sparking conversations about insensitive jokes in the entertainment industry. Shaw emphasized the need for greater awareness of others’ feelings highlighting the responsibility of public figures to be mindful of their words especially regarding sensitive issues.

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