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Chinese Billionaire Admits Illegally Funding US Politicians in New York and Rhode Island

Chinese Billionaire Confesses to Illegal Contributions to US Politicians in New York and Rhode Island

Qin Hui Confesses to Illegal Political Funding Scheme Involving New York City and Rhode Island Politicians

A Chinese billionaire, Qin Hui admitted on Monday to doing something wrong. He helped send more than $10,000 to politicians in New York City and Congress illegally. Qin who is 56 years old and lives in Old Westbury and Manhattan said he gave money to others to give to politicians for him between 2021 and 2022. The documents from the court don’t say who got the money but they mention a member of Congress from New York, a New York City official and someone running for Congress in Rhode Island.

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Chinese Billionaire Admits Illegally Funding US Politicians in New York and Rhode Island. (PHOTO: The Standard)

Former Forbes-Listed Billionaire Faces Potential 27-Year Jail Term for Illegal Contributions and Immigration Fraud

Qin, who was once listed as one of the richest people in the world by Forbes magazine in 2018 has been in jail since October 2021. He also admitted to lying about his immigration status and making fake identification papers. He might go to jail for up to 27 years. As part of his punishment he agreed to leave the United States after serving his time. The plan involved Qin and two others trying to get more than $10,000 in donations for a candidate running for a city-wide position in New York in December 2021, and then giving more money to other candidates in early 2022.

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