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Low-Income Families Faces Funding Shortage – California Produce Program!

Funding Shortage Threatens Vital Food Assistance Program in Compton

CalFresh Program in Compton Faces Funding Crisis

In Compton, California, Macaria Palacios relies on the CalFresh Fruit and Vegetable EBT Pilot Program to afford fresh produce crucial for managing her diabetes. Shopping at Mother’s Nutritional Center, she uses her EBT card to get instant rebates on items like apples, broccoli, nopales and spinach. For Palacios and over 43,000 households this program provides a dollar-for-dollar rebate, helping stretch their food budgets and promoting healthier choices.

However, despite its benefits the program faces challenges. With only $9.65 million allotted far below the requested $338.75 million the funds are quickly depleting. Eli Zigas, from SPUR, warns that without more support, the program may expire before the end of the fiscal year. This shortage jeopardizes the health and well-being of thousands who rely on it.

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Community Calls on Governor Newsom to Save Vital Food Assistance Program

Advocates and lawmakers are urging for increased funding to sustain the program. They emphasize its importance in supporting low-income individuals like Palacios in accessing nutritious food. As the community rallies to keep the program alive the message to Governor Gavin Newsom and state officials is clear.

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