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$500M Tax Credit For Struggling Families Proposed to Alleviate Financial Strain in 2024-25 Budget

New York Contemplates $500M Tax Credit Boost for Struggling Families, Aims to Enhance Working Families Tax Credit

New York Contemplates $500M Tax Credit Initiative to Aid Struggling Families and Stimulate Economic Growth

New York leaders are considering a way to support families facing money troubles. They’re looking at giving $500M tax credits to help these families especially those with lower or medium incomes. The idea is to improve the Working Families Tax Credit. If this plan goes through families might receive up to $550 for each child. But this won’t happen all at once. It’s expected to take five years for everyone to start getting it.

Senator Andrew Gounardes believes this idea could make a big difference for families. It could help cover important things like food, clothing and bills. Another group, the Strong Economy for All Coalition thinks it could also boost the state’s economy by adding an extra billion dollars in spending.

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$500M Family Tax Credit Proposed to Alleviate Financial Strain in 2024-25 Budget. (PHOTO: WaTaxCredit)

New York Legislature Unites to Tackle Financial Struggles, Identifying Housing Costs as Key Barrier to Affordability

The Senate and Assembly are discussing this proposal together. They share the goal of helping New Yorkers dealing with financial difficulties. Both agree that using tax credits is an effective method to combat poverty. However they also highlight the urgent need to address the expensive housing market. They believe that the high cost of housing is a major reason why many families find it challenging to afford living in New York.

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