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2024 Most Dangerous Cities in New Mexico – A Glimpse into the Southwest’s Shadow!

New Mexico Faces Challenges Beyond UFOs and Heat Waves

Crime, Immigration and Job Opportunities: Complex Issues in New Mexico

According to southwest journal, in a state often associated with UFO sightings and scorching temperatures, New Mexico now finds itself under a different kind of scrutiny. Beyond the extraterrestrial intrigue of Roswell there are areas in the state posing significant dangers of a different nature. From issues tied to illegal immigration to the pressing need for better job opportunities with fair wages, New Mexico’s hazardous locations paint a complex picture.

To find out the risky areas in the state, information from 22 cities was studied using the FBI’s recent crime report. New Mexico is the second most dangerous state in the U.S. with higher rates of violent and property crimes than the country’s average. People living there should be careful and think about these facts when making important choices.

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Tackling New Mexico’s Challenges: A Call for Action

Now that people know about these problems in New Mexico they want to find solutions to make the state safer. This includes dealing with crime and helping those who have fewer opportunities. Everyone including ordinary people and people who make decisions should pay attention and try to help make things better.

New Mexico’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in 2024

1. Los Lunas In 2024, Los Lunas, a city in New Mexico, has become more dangerous, moving up to become one of the riskiest places in the state. Even though it’s close to Albuquerque and was founded by the Luna family, crime is on the rise. People living there now have a higher chance of having their property stolen or being victims of violent crimes like assault or robbery. Despite being a wealthy city, residents need to be careful, especially about protecting their belongings. With nearly 16,000 people and a recent ranking as the fourth most dangerous city in the state, it’s important for everyone to work together to make Los Lunas safer.

2. Roswell Famous for the 1947 UFO incident, is considered one of the riskiest cities in New Mexico. It is the main city of Chaves County and has Eastern New Mexico University. If you live in Roswell, there’s a good chance someone has tried to steal your stuff with theft happening a lot. Unfortunately, Roswell is not just on the list of dangerous cities but it is also seen as one of the worst places to live in New Mexico. The situation has gotten worse compared to last year with Roswell moving up four spots on the list. This news is not just worrying for the people who live there but also for the aliens that some say are in the area.

3. Clovis Despite being a diverse city, Clovis in New Mexico faces safety challenges and is considered one of the state’s most dangerous places. It’s located near the Texas border and got its name from ancient settlers who crossed the Bering Strait long ago. While Clovis might be a good city for single people, it sadly ranks first for rapes and tenth for murders in the state. However, there’s some relief as Clovis has dropped six spots on this list compared to last year. With a population of 38,734, residents need to be cautious, as violent crimes and property crimes are a concern.

4. Artesia Walking along Main Street in Artesia can be risky. The town is ranked ninth for both violent and property crimes although it is dropped seven places from last year. Still, residents have a high chance of being victims of crime with about 1 in 32 facing property theft and 1 in 190 at risk of violent acts. These numbers are concerning for a small town with only 12,366 people. Artesia got its name from the natural springs nearby and sits between Roswell and Carlsbad. Despite the high crime rates it is considered one of the better places to live in New Mexico. However, residents should stay vigilant to stay safe.

5. Las Cruces Las Cruces, home to New Mexico State University, is the state’s second-largest city. People living here have a higher chance of experiencing property crime or violent crime compared to some other places in New Mexico. With a population of 103,520, it’s growing fast and is popular among single people, but it’s also expensive to live here. That might be why crime rates have gone up seven places from last year. Residents need to stay alert and make sure to keep their belongings safe.

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