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1980s Child Sexual Assaults in West Plains 70 Year Old Man Arrested – Now in Custody!

West Plains Community Shaken by Arrest of 77-Year-Old Abuser

Multiple Victims Speak Out, Encouraging Others to Come Forward

According to ky3, in a chilling revelation that has shaken the community, a 77 year old man Skyler Sheldon a formerly of West Plains has been arrested in Ozark for child sexual assaults dating back to the 1980s. The West Plains Police Department announced that Sheldon faces charges of five counts of sodomy with victims under the age of 14 and one count of first degree sexual abuse. The arrest follows a report filed by a 41 year old woman on January 26, 2024 and detailing multiple instances of sexual abuse she endured at the hands of Sheldon between 1986 and 1989.

The police found more sad news when two other women said Sheldon hurt them in a similar way a long time ago. All three women said they were very young when it happened. The first person who spoke up encouraged others to confront Sheldon in December 2023, and he admitted to doing wrong things. After talking to the police on February 7, 2024 Sheldon’s arrest helps bring justice to the people who had to suffer in silence for many years.

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Police Urge Survivors to Speak Up and Seek Justice for Their Experiences

As the court case continues, it reminds us of the lasting pain caused by terrible actions and the need to support survivors in speaking up. The people of West Plains feel shocked and sad as they face these upsetting memories from their past. The police ask anyone with information about the situation or who has experienced something similar to talk and promising to work hard to punish people like Sheldon for their crimes.

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