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$1.3B Increase Taxes and Online Gambling – Maryland House Proposes Education and Transportation Plan !

House Proposes Controversial Revenue Measures to Address Education and Transportation Funding

Maryland House Pushes $1.3 Billion Revenue Plan Amid Senate Skepticism

CBS – A budget showdown is looming at the Maryland General Assembly as House leaders propose a $1.3 billion plan to cover future education and transportation costs. However, Senate leaders believe the plan is too hefty given the current economic climate. The House’s proposal includes increase taxes, fees, toll hikes and the legalization of internet gambling to generate revenue.

House Speaker Adrienne Jones emphasized the need for sustainable solutions, particularly to support the state’s K-12 education funding plan, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. While the Senate’s budget fully funds the blueprint for the next fiscal year there is uncertainty about future funding. The House’s plan involves internet gambling revenue and corporate tax reform to address this issue alongside adjustments to vehicle taxes and tolls to tackle transportation funding challenges.

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Budget Standoff: Governor Moore Cautious as House and Senate Clash Over Maryland’s Fiscal Future

Governor Wes Moore has expressed caution regarding tax increases, preferring fiscally disciplined approaches for economic growth. However, House leaders argue that the current budget is not sustainable, especially concerning transportation funding shortfalls. As the General Assembly works towards adjournment on April 8, reconciling differences between the House and Senate budgets will be crucial in determining Maryland’s financial path forward.

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