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Credit Card Benefits and Autopsy Discount Rules: Potential Ineligibility Explained!

Mobile Phone Providers Tighten Rules on Autopay Discounts, Impacting Credit Card Users

Mobile Phone Service Providers Tighten Autopay Discount Rules, Impacting Rewards Credit Card Users

In recent news, mobile phone service providers are changing their rules about how customers can get discounts. Many companies used to offer a small monthly discount if customers signed up for autopay where bills are paid automatically each month. But now, some providers are only giving this discount if customers link a checking account for automatic payments. This means if you want to keep using a credit card benefits to pay your phone bill and get the discount you might be out of luck. This change affects people who like using rewards credit cards. These credit card benefits like cashback or points when you use them to pay for things. Some rewards credit cards also offer cellphone protection which can save you money if your phone gets damaged or stolen. But if you can’t use your credit card for autopay and get the discount you might miss out on these benefits.

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If you are trying to decide what to do, you should think about how much money you will save with the autopay discount and what rewards you will miss out on by not using your credit card. It is also important to consider if you will lose out on cellphone protection if you switch to paying with a checking account. Everyone’s situation is different so make sure you think about what’s best for your own finances before making a decision.

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