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Police Interview Unveils Surprising Testimony from Unrelated Case Witness in Green Bay Trial

Survivor Testifies Against Accused Double Homicide Suspect in Green Bay Trial

Survivor Recounts Night of Terror as Accused Double Homicide Suspect Faces Trial

According to, in a courtroom on Friday, a lady who was hurt by a man now accused of killing two people in Green Bay shared her scary story. The accused Richard Sotka had been in jail over 20 years ago for hurting her. Now he’s facing serious charges for the deaths of Rhonda Cegelski and Paula O’Connor, found dead in a house in January 2023. The lady told the jury that after drinking at a bar with Sotka they went home. She said Sotka knocked her tooth out when he bumped a glass while she was drinking water. After that she blacked out and woke up in a bathtub with her ankle broken. She managed to escape when Sotka left and the police later saw her injuries.

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Police Interview Unveils Surprising Testimony from Unrelated Case Witness in Green Bay Trial. (PHOTO: Green Bay Press-Gazette)

Accused Killer’s Confession Unveils Tale of Jealousy and Violence in Courtroom Drama

Following the woman’s testimony the jury was presented with Sotka’s account during a lengthy police interview. Sotka recounted that he, along with his girlfriend Rhonda and her friend Paula were enjoying themselves that evening drinking and engaging in casual activities like cutting hair. However, emotions turned sour when Sotka became overwhelmed with jealousy and humiliation upon witnessing the two women together. Sotka confessed that he “snapped” after Rhonda insisted he leave. This heartbreaking narrative of envy and aggression is currently unfolding in the courtroom as the jury weighs the contrasting perspectives to ascertain the truth behind the tragic events.

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