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Senators Rally: Media Outlets to Sever Ties with China Daily!

Demand U.S. Media Outlets to Cut Ties with Chinese Government-Controlled Newspaper

Senators Urge U.S. Media Outlets to Cut Ties with China Daily Over CCP Influence Concerns

According to NEWSMAX, Senators Chuck Grassley from Iowa and Marco Rubio from Florida told nine major U.S. news outlets like the Seattle Times and Time magazine, to stop working with China Daily, a newspaper controlled by the Chinese government. The senators said China Daily spreads false information for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to English-speaking people and American media should not help with that. They explained how China is trying to interfere in U.S. affairs, spy at important places, and influence elections. The senators said that having China Daily in U.S. media helps the Chinese government do these things.

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Senators Rally: Media Outlets to Sever Ties with China Daily! (PHOTO: BNN NEWS)

Senators Call: Urging Media Outlets to Cut Ties with China Daily Over CCP Influence Allegations

Senators told news outlets that taking money and working with China Daily breaks the rules. They asked the outlets to stop working with China Daily to avoid the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) using American news to spread its messages. Some media groups had already stopped working with China Daily before. This happened because Representative Ashley Hinson was worried three years ago and asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop China Daily from being sent to congressional offices saying it was not right for American offices to get newspapers from the Chinese government. The senators’ request adds to the talk about keeping American media safe from other countries’ influence and staying true to important values.

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