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Grand Rapid Areas 8 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Prioritizing Community Well-being in Grand Rapids Areas

Grand Rapid Areas 8 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods. (PHOTO: Awesome Mitten)

In Grand Rapid areas where there are lots of different neighborhoods some areas aren’t as safe as others according to RoadSnacks. While many neighborhoods are nice to live in, some have more safety issues. Millbrook stands out as one of the safest areas. It’s important to focus on making all neighborhoods safe and welcoming for everyone who lives there.

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Grand Rapid Areas 8 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Black Hills

Black Hills has Grand Rapids’ highest crime rate. Despite only 590 residents, Black Hills has 3,294 violent crimes per 100,000. This region has worrisome 6,698 property crimes per 100,000. Socioeconomic factors explain the $65,100 average Black Hills home worth. Black Hills communities need greater safety and living circumstances.

South East Community

Safety is also a concern in South East Community with 4,161 inhabitants and 3,335 violent crimes per 100,000. 7,780 property crimes per 100,000 people occur here. Income inequality may increase crime in South East Community where the average house value is $121,911. Community safety in the South East demands greater police and crime prevention.

Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park is safer and healthier. Roosevelt Park with 6,380 persons has 946 violent crimes/100,000. Also lower, property crime is 2,153 per 100,000. Roosevelt Park has lower crime rates despite a typical house value of $90,740 and income of $40,341. Roosevelt Park may expand with community involvement and economic and social assistance.


A recent research found Grand Rapids’ Madison Area is hazardous. At 3,424 inhabitants, Madison Area has moderate violent (967 per 100,000) and property crime (2,320 per 100,000). Low median property values of $98,940 and median salaries of $37,390 may endanger community safety. Better Madison living requires addressing crime and poverty.

Auburn Hill

Auburn Hill has 1,122 violent crimes per 100,000. At 1,693 per 100,000, Auburn Hill has many property violations. The neighborhood’s median property worth of $158,400 and lowest median income of $35,821 require safety and economic considerations. Community empowerment and crime prevention help Auburn Hill.

Fuller Avenue

Security and economic indicators are mixed on Fuller Avenue, a more populated region with 2,019 residents. Property crime is high (2,579 per 100,000) and violence low (686 per 100,000). Fuller Avenue’s typical house value is $108,150 and median income is $53,517. Strategic community resource and support service investments may make Fuller Avenue safer and wealthier by reducing crime and socioeconomic disparities.

South Hill

South Hill demonstrate Grand Rapids’ range in safety and economy. To create inclusive and resilient city neighborhoods, communities must address their needs, from crime prevention to economic growth. Grand Rapids can be safer, healthier, and more vibrant with community cooperation.

Ball Park

John Ball Park, with 3,599 people and lower crime is unusual. offenses per 100,000 include 717 violent and 2,190 property offenses. John Ball Park has the 7th-lowest median house value at $121,400 and the 14th-lowest median income at $51,944. These economic factors suggest John Ball Park residents may have affordability and stability issues. Affordable housing and community development may solve these issues and make the neighborhood safer and fairer.

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