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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico That Will Put Your Life on the Line 2024!

Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico. (PHOTO: WayToStay)

A study from the Southwest Journal says that drug cartels and organized crime make Mexico’s most dangerous towns. This is true even though Mexico has beautiful places like the Tulon Ruins and the beaches of Cancun. There was a threat with over 43,900 killings and 625 kidnappings in 2021. A poll by Gallup found that 48% of Mexicans felt safe at night. The kidnapping and killing of American tourists in March 2024 made headlines around the world. People who want to visit or live in Mexico need to weigh the country’s beauty against its dangers. Home security should be improved, especially in areas with a lot of crime.

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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico


380,000 citizens, revealed that it produces car parts, textiles, and microchips. Despite industry fanfare, a problem persists. Drug cartels in Victoria have caused 86 killings per 100,000 inhabitants mostly gang violence. Robberies and street gang attacks imperil residents and the city.


The 1.5-million-person Rio Grande city of Juarez borders Texas and is dangerous. Though culturally rich Juarez is notorious for drug, gun, and people trafficking. Statista reports 103 murders per 100,000 city residents causing tourists to avoid nightlife, lonely places, and groups to prevent street violence.


City attractiveness is tarnished by tourist thievery, violence, and deception. The Mexican government has tightened Airbnb, bar, and nightclub laws and urged travelers to stay in resorts.


Bystanders were killed by city drug cartels 81 times per 100,000 last year. After many bar and club killings in the U.S. warned against visiting Irapuato due to assaults, armed robberies, and kidnappings.


With 92 crimes per 100,000, its historic facade masks new danger. Even though the city has a low homicide rate, assaults, thefts, muggings, and drug trafficking harm residents and undermine its historical significance.


After El Chapo’s son Ovidio Guzman was imprisoned, the city fought a vicious territorial war. 84 occurrences and 61 homicides per 100,000, unsettling locals and visitors. Street tension in Culiacan has weakened security.


Uruapan is beautiful yet has 87 drug-related offenses per 100,000. Locals dread car jackings, muggings, and gun thefts. A poll found that 22% of people felt safe wandering around the city during the day destroying its historical and natural attractiveness.


Poppy fields and 20 cartels fighting for dominance have replaced the city’s glamour. It currently has 111 killings per 100,000 residents. Acapulco’s lawlessness has forced the US to prohibit federal employees due to violence.


The previous wedding capital of Mexico, Tijuana, has 138 murders per 100,000 in 2022, citing NBC San Diego. The city’s everyday existence is plagued by fentanyl cartel violence and criminality. Tourists think Tijuana is safe but residents say it’s hazardous.


93 crimes per 100,000 residents, including muggings, car jackings, thefts, drug trafficking and poisoning the city’s peaceful streets. Contrasting Obregon’s natural beauty with growing crime rates requires coordinated civic defense.

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