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Philadelphia Most Dangerous Places: 9 Neighborhoods to Avoid in 2024

Philadelphia Most Dangerous Places

Philadelphia 9 Neighborhoods to Avoid in 2024. (PHOTO: Bungalow)

Visitors and residents of Philadelphia is famed for its cultural variety and active neighborhoods according to Southwest Journal. It must navigate its significant variances. Entertainment and gastronomy abound in Philadelphia, but its 55% above-average crime rate stresses home security. Even in the City of Brotherly Love, safety remains a concern. All visitors and residents of Philadelphia must understand its safety landscape from affluent to poor.

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Philadelphia 9 Most Dangerous Places


Tioga-Nicetown in Philadelphia is a troubled area where poverty and crime are common. During World War II white flight slowed down the growth of industry. House prices briefly went up because of gentrification but the median price went down and leaving many people poor. With 17,382 people living there and a median income of $24,935, Tioga-Nicetown shows how bad things are for the poor in Philadelphia.

Hunting Park

Hunting Park is another dangerous area of Philadelphia with gangs and crime. Things like a lottery winner being shot in the middle of town show that there is crime in the area. There are 22,735 people living in Hunting Park and the typical income is $23,587. This neighborhood shows how group identity and urban safety are complicatedly connected.

Strawberry Mansion

Strawberry Mansion is one of the most dangerous places in Philadelphia despite its cute name. Even though gentrification is a good thing, the area still has a bad history, which can be seen in the high school. Over 19,690 people live in Strawberry Mansion and the average income is $31,085. The neighborhood has problems with crime and recovery.


Fairhill is a Hispanic area in Philadelphia that has to deal with poverty and drug violence. The area has a lot of culture but it is also poor and jobless. Fairhill, which has 27,298 people and a median income of $19,698 that shows that problems with the way things are built in poor groups need specific solutions.

Alleghany West

Alleghany West is Philadelphia’s third most dangerous neighborhood. It is in a state of decline after the end of the industrial age and lacks funding. Residents have to deal with a lot of crime and unstable economies but they are strong as a group. Which has 18,676 people living in it and a typical income of $25,196 is a great example of Philadelphia’s fight for fair urban growth.


Crime and drug abuse make the social and economic problems in Harrowgate, North Philadelphia. Unemployment and crime is down the neighborhood is still in bad shape. With 17,456 people and a median income of $23,871, Harrowgate is one of Philadelphia’s poorer areas that is struggling to get better.

Haddington-Carroll Park

Haddington-Carroll Park is known for being friendly but it is also one of the worst places to live in Philadelphia. It has a lot of poverty and crime. With 35,068 people and a median income of $28,706 Haddington-Carroll Park shows the problems with urban development in Philadelphia.


Elmwood has a lively scene and a lot of different cultures there is crime and economic inequality there. The airport is close which is helpful but unemployment and bad schools are big problems for the people who live there. With 24,891 people living there and a median income of $36,424, Elmwood is a symbol of the fight for fair growth in southwestern Philadelphia.


Frankford, in northeast Philadelphia, is not as desired because of racial tensions and old disagreements. The area is diverse but there is crime and the economy isn’t stable. Frankford, which has 39,792 people and a typical income of $33,217 shows that Philadelphia’s urban ruin and social and economic inequality need to be fixed all at once.

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