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South Dakota Legislature Unites in Defense of Southern Border, Pledges Support to Texas

(Photo from: Yahoo News)

The South Dakota Legislature has decisively endorsed a resolution emphasizing the critical need to protect national borders and expressing unwavering support for Texas in addressing the challenges posed by the southern border. In an address to the joint session, Governor Kristi Noem underscored the gravity of the situation, outlining the far-reaching impact on South Dakota and urging decisive action to secure the borders.

South Dakota Legislature Unites in Defense of Southern Border, Pledges Support to Texas (Photo from: Yahoo News)

South Dakota Legislature Unanimous Stand

The South Dakota Legislature overwhelmingly approved a resolution with a vote of 62-6 in the state House and 28-3 in the state Senate, highlighting a united front addressing the national security crisis at the southern border. This demonstration of bipartisan support reflects the Legislature’s commitment to safeguarding the state’s interests amid the escalating challenges.

Governor Noem’s address to the joint session catalyzed the swift approval of the resolution, emphasizing the Legislature’s acknowledgment of the far-reaching implications of the southern border crisis on South Dakota’s safety and security.

The resolution reinforces the immediate need for border defense. It signifies South Dakota’s commitment to standing with Texas, setting a precedent for other states to follow suit in the collective effort to address the national security crisis.

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Governor Noem’s Call to Action

Addressing the joint session, Governor Noem elucidated the significant impact of the southern border situation on South Dakota. With nearly 10 million foreign nationals breaching federal law in the past three years, issues such as drug trafficking, crime, and violence have infiltrated the state, compelling the South Dakota Legislature to take a firm stand.

Highlighting the constitutional responsibility of states to protect themselves, Governor Noem emphasized the need for unity among states, transcending physical boundaries. She recounted her recent visit to the border, exposing cartels’ tactics and commending Texas Governor Greg Abbott‘s efforts, reinforcing South Dakota’s commitment to supporting fellow states in times of crisis.

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