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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nebraska to Watch Out for in 2024

Most Dangerous Cities in Nebraska

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Most dangerous cities in Nebraska, where murders happen during the day and deliveries are riskier are seeing more crime. Using FBI crime data of Southwest Journal in 2024 study lists the state’s most dangerous spots. In 21 towns with more than 5,000 people, violence has risen alarmingly over the past four years, higher than it was in 2000 and higher than the national average.

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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nebraska

North Platte

North Platte is the one of the most dangerous cities in Nebraska because it has the most crimes. It ranks third for violent crimes and first for property crimes. Even though it has ties to Buffalo Bill and history, people who live there and visit still worry about their safety.


Omaha was a major stop on the Lewis and Clark trail. It is also one of the second most dangerous cities in Nebraska. Although the city has a lot of history which makes it a place to be worried about. The “Omaha Spree Murders” in 1958 are another sad event in Omaha’s history.


This is the third most dangerous cities in Nebraska. Scottsbluff. It is the biggest city in the panhandle. Violent crime is still very high there. Visitors are told to be careful as they look around.

Grand Island

Grand Island, which is home to a police training center, is on the list of dangerous places. There is a good chance of violent and property crimes happening in the city. This shows how complicated safety problems are.

South Sioux City

Even though it has a copy of the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, South Sioux City goes up to fifth place. Residents and tourists should be more careful now that crime rates are going up.

Great Pumpkin Festival

Great Pumpkin Festival, it is still the sixth most dangerous city in the world. The high rate of serious crime in the city makes people more aware of the need to be careful.


Kearney, which is known for its railroad past, comes in at number seven. Travelers need to be careful because there are a lot of property and dangerous crimes.

Nebraska City

Nebraska City, which is known for the Applejack Festival, comes in eighth place for property crimes and break-ins. An unsolved murder in 1985 is part of the city’s past and shows how important it is to be careful at local events.


People in Sidney, which is known for cemetery trips, are worried about property and violent crimes, so they are in ninth place. People who want to visit historical places should be careful.


Beatrice, who rounds out the top ten, has a problem with a high number of violent crimes, such as sexual attacks. The well-known “Beatrice Six” case from 1985 made the city even more well-known and brought up safety worries in smaller towns.

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Safety tips for travelling to the most dangerous cities in Nebraska

Be careful as you drive through Nebraska. In North Platte and Omaha, keep an eye on things at night. You know to stay on the roads. Pay attention and follow safety rules in Scottsbluff, Grand Island, and South Sioux City. Be careful when you visit museums in Crete or Kearney. Be careful with your things and anything that seems fishy at the historical sites in Nebraska City, Sidney, and Beatrice. Stay alert, trust your gut, and follow some easy safety rules to have a safe trip in Nebraska.

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